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farm insurance providers


Personal Accident

Covering yourself should be every bit as important as insuring your farm. Making sure you’re covered in the event of an unexpected injury or incapacity should be one of the first things you should be considering when looking for farm insurance.


FarmInsurance365 helps farmers find the best providers of personal accident insurance easily, letting you figure out the best personal accident insurance for your farm.

For help finding the ideal personal accident insurance for farmers, contact FarmInsurance365

Capital Benefits

We provide you with details on all relevant personal accident insurance providers, such as providers that offer capital benefits.


Capital benefits are typically awarded to next of kin or your estate in the event of death of permanent incapacitation.

For more information on companies that offer capital benefits on personal accident insurance, contact FarmInsurance365

Farmers Accident Insurance

We are the one stop shop for information on farmers accident insurance. Accident insurance lets you have the best possible cover in the case of a serious accident or injury while you’re working on the farm.


FarmInsurance365 aggregates all the relevant information about farmers accident insurance and lets you make an educated decision on which provider is best for you.

For more information on farmers accident insurance, contact FarmInsurance365


Personal Accident FAQ

Where can I find farm personal accident insurance?

FarmInsurance365 is the go-to source for finding the best deals on farm personal accident insurance.

What are capital benefits?

Capital benefits are benefits paid to next of kin or an estate in the event of death of permanent incapacitation.

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