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With Ireland’s best providers for
employers liability insurance on your farm


Employers Liability

Employers liability insurance helps protect farmers and agri contractors against legal liability for injury, disease or other damage that occur during farming activities.


FarmInsurance365 helps put farmers in touch with Ireland’s leading farm insurance brokers to help them find the best deals on employers liability insurance for farms.

For finding cheaper deals on farm employers liability insurance, contact FarmInsurance365

Agri Contractors

Employers liability insurance is also available for agri contractors who work on multiple farms. It’s crucial to keep all the details of payslips, farm wages and job history so that the appropriate cover can be calculated for you and agri contractors you work with.


FarmInsurance365 functions as an information hub for various employers liability deals for agri contractors and farmers.

For employers liability farm insurance cover that includes agri contractors, contact FarmInsurance365


Employers Liability FAQ

Where can I find the best farm insurance deals for agri contractors?

FarmInsurance365 points you towards the best providers for farm insurance deals for employers and agri contractors.

What is employers liability for farmers?

Employers liability for farmers is covering them for any damage or injury that may befall one of their employees while working on the farm.

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