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Asset Financing

Asset financing, specifically in agriculture (agri asset financing), helps farmers and agribusinesses get the money they need to buy important equipment and assets such as tractors, machinery, and vehicles. This type of financing offers flexible choices and makes it easier for them to afford buying necessary tools and equipment without having to make a big upfront payment.

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Agricultural assets

Agricultural assets, both new or used, can often be financed.  Some common agricultural assets include farm machinery, farm vehicles, agri equipment, and plant equipment. 

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Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is an agri asset financing option that allows farmers to buy equipment or machinery by making an initial down payment and then paying the remaining cost in instalments over a fixed period. During this period, the farmer has possession of the equipment immediately and ownership remains with the vendor until final instalment is made with a nominal purchase fee.


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In agri asset financing, the lease option allows farmers to acquire agricultural assets like equipment and machinery by making regular lease payments over a specified period. At the end of the lease term, farmers typically have the choice to either return the asset, purchase it at its residual value, or renew the lease for another period.


Let us put you in touch with an agri asset financing provider, contact FarmInsurance365

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What is the typical repayment period for asset financing?

The repayment period for agri asset financing can vary depending on the type of financing and the specific agreement with the lender. Typical repayment periods are fixed monthly payments over a period of 24, 36, 48 or 60 months with flexible payments either monthly, quarterly , half -yearly and annual payments.

What are the benefits of asset financing?

Asset financing offers farmers numerous benefits. It boosts productivity by providing access to modern equipment, conserves working capital for essential operational expenses, offers flexibility in repayment terms, reduces risk in the face of market fluctuations and seasonal challenges, and ensures access to the latest agricultural technologies for enhanced sustainability and efficiency.

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